Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"My, I admire your fashionable running shoes..."

If you don't get the reference from the title, google "Ebonics Language Lesson."

Anyways, moving on.


There they are, folks. I figured that if I am going to put all of this time and effort into training for this race - not to mention the entry fee! - then I better do this right. After guidance from my own personal PT... ie my college friend whom I often badger about my athletic ailments, I headed to the New Balance store in search of my new kicks.

I never knew there was so much that went into buying quality running shoes! They had me stand a pressure pad to evaluate the weight distribution I place on my feet, then they had me get on a treadmill, where they recorded my feet as I ran. When we watched the video in slow motion, turns out my ankle wobbles and is unstable as I run, and that this is due to the fact that I place all my pressure on the lateral edge of my foot. They put me in various shoes and had me repeat the treadmill trial, and once I found the pair that was the most comfortable and corrected my weight distribution, the wobble in my ankle totally resolved. They even allowed me - actually, encoraged me - to run around the block to test drive the shoes before I bought them.

I am amazed at how much lighter the shoes feel to me. Now granted, the actual weight difference is probably minimal,but my previous sneakers were particularly heavy and the new ones are designed to be light, so the difference is certainly noticable.

I took 'em out for a spin when I did my "long run" on Saturday. I went 7.15mi and kept a pace of 10:14/mi, and my feet felt great at the end.

The shoes are treated like royalty in my home. They have their own special spot, and I wear them literally only to run. I want to preserve their awesomeness.

Running, overall, as been going really well. I'm suprised by my progress in just a month's time. My weekday "recovery runs" are supposed to be run at an easy, conversational pace, so I set out and do just that. But as training continues, that pace quickens - I've dropped almost a minute a mile since starting. And of course, I know this because of my nerdy spread sheet.

I've also made a new effort in life - I'm going a little greener, folks. I really became quite a city girl the day I sold my car and turned my mobility over solely to public transportation, but I've "one upped" myself - you'll now find me on the Lakefront Path riding my bike back and forth to work. Now this may not work for every shift, but when it does work out, it's great. I get a work out in, it's an enjoyable ride, I can soak up the sun and nice weather, and I'm being all ecological and what not by reducing my carbon footprint (or something like that). I've also opted to take stairs if I'm climbing three flights or less. There are easy calories to be burned... just gotta find 'em!

116 days, 16:03:39. Craziness!

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